ESL Program Specialist Certification

The 15-credit ESL Program Specialist Certification will qualify instructionally certified educators to teach others whose first language is not English. Graduates of our flexible, online program will be prepared to teach English as a Second Language (ESL) in a variety of educational settings.

Program Snapshot

Program Type Format Credit Hours
Certification Online 15

Why Study ESL at Wilkes?

There is a growing demand for educators equipped with the training and experience in teaching English as a second language. Jobs in the TESOL/ESL fields are projected to increase by 11 to 14% through 2030, creating a diverse number of opportunities in K-12 districts and other educational settings, as well as organizations abroad.

As the world becomes more linguistically diverse, students with a certification in ESL have the potential to seek out exciting careers in classrooms, or to pursue new roles in  healthcare organizations, businesses, or within government organizations. The Wilkes program offers you the opportunity to learn from other educators and participate in experiences that allow for you to observe, assist, and teach ESL in public schools.

What Will You Learn as an ESL Program Specialist Student?

  • You鈥檒l learn various approaches to teaching second languages as well as effective techniques for assessment, including standardized tests, standards based instruction, and second language test design and evaluation.
  • You鈥檒l build a strong foundational understanding of linguistics and its importance to the teaching of foreign or second languages. You鈥檒l examine phonology, morphology, syntax, semantics, and discourse structure as different approaches to the study of language are discussed.
  • You鈥檒l gain field experience in teaching reading, writing, listening, and speaking of English to second language learners. Students will learn how to assess student needs, develop syllabi, design educational materials, and apply theory to lessons.
  • You鈥檒l explore how to develop and implement second language programs while understanding the cultural conflict and biases, both social and linguistic, faced by multilingual students.

Thank you for your interest in 正澳门六合彩开奖直播's Graduate Education programs! To learn more about our program please complete the form. If you have questions, or wish to discuss your education goals, please contact:

Tony Roma
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Program Highlights

Apply Insights Immediately

Our program emphasizes taking the latest theories in the field of second language teaching and learning, and applying them to practice in the classroom. Every student can engage in specially crafted field experiences with immediate application of lessons learned.

Knowledgeable Faculty

Our TESOL and ESL program faculty all have both international and domestic experience teaching English as a Second and Foreign language. They are highly qualified experts in the field and are proficient in a second language themselves.

Engaging Field Experiences

Wilkes understands that every student may have a different goal in the program: to teach in a K-12 or other educational environment or to teach abroad. We鈥檝e  designed our classes and field experiences to address the goals of all types of students.

Tuition & Aid

Tuition for graduate programs in education for the 2024-25 academic year is $571 per credit, or $1,713 per course. Deferment is available for employers who reimburse tuition and financial aid is available for those who qualify.

Careers & Outcomes

Students completing the 15-credit PDE ESL Program Specialist Endorsement will be able to add the certification to their existing teaching license, and be certified to teach the ever increasing number of linguistically diverse English learners in U.S. K-12 public schools.